Fire Alarm


North Mississippi Telecom installs early detection systems designed for commercial spaces and offices. Our experienced engineers will review the commercial workplace environment, determine the hazards and dangers that are present and help select the detection system that fits for the best protection.

Smoke and toxic gas inhalation can result from everyday operation of equipment or an unforeseeable event such as a fire or faulty electric wiring. Injury resulting from workplace hazards can be avoided with proper detection equipment installed in the best area for early detection.

Commercial buildings with numerous rooms, flammable items and large warehouse or storage spaces can make it difficult to detect dangerous situations. Safety and quality of indoor environments is important in health safety and in some cases may prevent exposure to toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, which can go undetected for long periods of time while causing harm. Alarms and detectors in workplaces that may be occupied for hours by employees is a necessary part of safety Commercial Fire Safety Components include:

  • Sirens and Alarms
  • Pull Down Stations
  • Exit Signals
  • Strobes
  • Monitoring and Emergency Dispatch
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Duct Detectors
  • Commercial Fire Safety
Fire alarms and smoke detectors are just a portion of proper workplace safety. It’s important to have a system that helps early detection, alerts local fire personnel, and helps with the evacuation process. In addition to the fire safety system, NMT installs early warning Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detection systems. This helps prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and is especially important in commercial workplaces where carbon monoxide is a common factor, and can easily reach toxic levels over an extended period of time.

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